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Breakthrough Healing Method Uniting The Worlds of Mind-Body Medicine & Psychology

Moshe Daniel Block

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Marrying Bipolar May 9 2016

by Natasha David ABOUT THE BOOK Marrying Bipolar - The highs and lows of loving someone with a mental illness On the last day of winter in 2005, John committed suicide in his ca...

Why am I afraid to tell you who I am? May 7 2016

by Eric Foggitt Teacher and therapist Eric Foggitt works with individuals, groups and churches to promote spiritual insight and development, using the wisdom of the Bible and the Enneagram. He live...

How to easily deepen your Spiritual Practice - Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness etc. Apr 24 2016

by Alexander King Now I know that for many all information in this article will be second nature already, but in my massage and healing practice I am still at times amazed how many of my clients, d...

Bernardo Kastrup in 2016? Mar 30 2016

by Bernardo Kastrup As I sit outside today under glorious spring weather, enjoying a glass of my favorite Weiße with the warm sun shinning on my face, it feels as though 2016 has only just begun...

Marrying Bipolar by Natasha David Mar 10 2016

  Dealing with Bereavement and Mental Health in the Workplace: a Personal Story Natasha David     Offering meaningful support to those battling mental illness or grief is easier sa...

Holding Out for a Hero, Five Steps to Marriage Over 40 - Step One Feb 14 2016

by Lesley Lawson Botez Step One - The Call   This is the beginning of your journey. Something or rather someone is missing: a partner to share your life. You feel like the odd one o...

Spiritual Inspiration for just 0.99 (e-book promotions) Dec 5 2015

O Books offers you e-books with lots of spiritual inspiration for just 0.99 for all of December.   Sh*t Happens, Magic Follows (Allow It!) by Carmen Harris   Think magic belongs onl...