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Listening to the Other by Caroline Brazier

Listening to the Other

Caroline Brazier

May 2009

A practical, reader-friendly guide,this book will be welcomed by practitioners and students in a wide range of professions and voluntary groups. explores the role of the listener when away from the usual counselling scenario.

Depression as a Spiritual Journey by Stephanie June Sorrell

Depression as a Spiritual Journey

Stephanie June Sorrell

Sep 2009

This the first book to address depression as a spiritual journey.It serves as an invitation to reframe depression in a new way.

Other-Centred Therapy by Caroline Brazier

Other-Centred Therapy

Caroline Brazier

Oct 2009

Practical and innovative, Other-Centred therapy, presents a positive and outwardly orientated view of therapeutic process.

Higher Reality Therapy by Anthony Falikowski

Higher Reality Therapy

Anthony Falikowski

Jan 2010

"Higher Reality Therapy" is a self-help guide to inner peace sythesizing philosophical wisdom traditions with contemporary spiritual practice.

Integrated Self, The by Louis Kavar

Integrated Self, The

Louis Kavar

Mar 2012

The Integrated Self models holistic, integrated treatment, including spiritual and cultural dimensions, to mental health professionals 

Self-Therapy Made Easy by Marian Van Eyk McCain

Self-Therapy Made Easy

Marian Van Eyk McCain

Sep 2012

 A small, simple, inspirational self-help guide to personal and spiritual growth that’s so comprehensive you’ll never need to buy another.

Holistic Counseling - Introducing the Vis Dialogue by Moshe Daniel Block

Holistic Counseling - Introducing the Vis Dialogue

Moshe Daniel Block

Mar 2016

Holistic Counseling is a revolutionary form of counseling that helps the patient to discover their own healing, by connecting mind and body, to resolve even physical illness.

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