Psychosynthesis Made Easy

A psychospiritual psychology for today

Stephanie June Sorrell

May 2011

Psychosynthesis is known as psychology with a soul. It works from the level of the ego to the Spirit.

My Life as a Car

A Mental Wellness Guide in Your Glove Compartment

Elaine A. Campbell, M.D.

May 2012

My Life as a Car outlines a mental health diagnostic path and points toward possible solutions.

Trauma Bond

An Inquiry into the Nature of Evil

Lawrence Swaim

Mar 2013

Breaking the Cycle of Violence Starts with You

Talk Talk

Effective Communication in Everyday Life

Mavis Klein

Jun 2013

Employer, employee, student, teacher, parent...whoever you are, this book will amaze you with its insights into all human communication.

How Finkelstein Broke the Trauma Bond, and Beat the Holocaust

Traumatic Memory and the Struggle Against Systemic Evil

Lawrence Swaim

Oct 2015

Deconstructing Traumatic Memory, Resisting Systemic Evil.

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