Talk Talk

Talk Talk

Effective Communication in Everyday Life

Employer, employee, student, teacher, parent...whoever you are, this book will amaze you with its insights into all human communication.


Using the easily understood vocabulary of Transactional Analysis and her own original contribution to the theory, Mavis Klein presents a handbook that will vividly illuminate and clarify all the issues that arise in our everyday communications.
While the aim of this book is primarily to overcome problems in people's working lives - with line managers, subordinates, and peer group colleagues, it provides stunning insight into all that takes place when we talk to others - from a time-passing chat to a stranger at a bus stop to the most profound conversations with intimate others in our lives.

Mavis Klein
Mavis Klein Mavis Klein was a psychotherapist of 35 years' standing, a counselling astrologer of 30 years' standing, and the author of nine books on psy...
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