Smashing Depression

Smashing Depression

Escaping the Prison and Finding a Life

Depression is an insidious enemy, gradually eroding confidence and willpower... but this book restores the spirit and strength to fight back - and win!


This book can help the sufferer of mild to moderate depression overcome the biggest hurdles to emotional health - negative belief and poor self-worth. Between them, these two processes generate the debilitating idea that there is no hope for a brighter future or the sort of life that others might call ‘normal’. And yet with the structured programme presented here, the reader can: discover and eliminate subtle subconscious processes that lock depression in place; find their true self that may have been ‘locked away’ for years; discover whether it’s conscious change or subconscious acceptance that’s needed; find out how being active instead of reactive is the way forward. The seven-step programme was created by the author over many years of working directly with sufferers, successfully helping them to find their way back to emotional health. It’s not just a quick fix that soon fades away, but a permanent solution that will actually reshape your life and attitude to self. In short, it’s the blueprint that will help you set yourself free!


During my 10 years as a Senior Academic in the Department of Psychology at the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, I have reviewed several books, book chapters and journal articles and I can comfortably state that this book, Smashing Depression, is the most user-friendly one I have ever come across. Terence’s trademark style of cutting out the fat to get to the meat is evident throughout the book. ~ Dr Rafiq Lockhat, Clinical Psychologist, (M.A.( Clin Psych).Natal), Former Vice Chairperson: South African Society of Clinical Psychologists

Depression is a serious problem. It takes a serious toll on our quality of life both emotional and physical. The most recent studies show that depression may even be a precursor of heart failure. What if we could stop or change it before it negatively effects our lives? Terence Watts has written a wonderful book to help "Smash Depression". It is much needed information in these hard times. Our minds are very powerful and he helps us to find and unleash that power that we have inside of us. He gives a a "first aid kit" that, with practice, will help you tremendously to catch these feelings in their tracks. With self hypnosis, as a self management tool, he shows you how to change those destructive feelings. A powerful practitioner of change, I highly recommend his new book. ~ Seth-Deborah Roth, Nurse Anesthetist & Clinical Hypnotherapist, Fellow with the National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists

During my 52 year Law Enforcement career, I have dealt with many individuals experiencing depression, from both the crime victim perspective as well as employee perspective, since I was in charge of the Texas State Police Employee Assistance Program prior to my retirement. One of my last official assignments was the planning, coordinating, and implementing the Critical Incident Stress Debriefing for the 102 State Police personnel who worked the Branch Davidian aftermath in Waco, Texas. “Smashing Depression” is a valuable contribution to efforts in dealing with depression from a self-help standpoint as well as from therapeutic intervention, especially when you look at depression on a continuum of mild, moderate, or severe. Some individuals only need a little help while others need a lot of help and Terence Watts is very specific on the need to continue intervention from a medical standpoint as well as strategies worthy of consideration as outlined in this book. He shows tremendous insight and wisdom into people and behavior, while understanding the problems of life in general and helping people see their issues in a more positive light that can improve the quality of their life. “Smashing Depression” is an outstanding contribution to the field of information on, and help with, depression. ~ Inspector Marx Howell, B. S., Retired, Texas State Police, Certified Forensic Hypnotist

Depression can anyone at anytime. It is no respecter of age, gender, religious belief, status or education. This is why the *World Health Organisation has assessed depression as the world’s leading cause of disability. It also found that an estimated one in six people, would suffer depression at some time in their lives. As if that alone wasn’t enough to depress us, the giant pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline concluded in 2010 that many of the anti-depressants available, were far less effective than previously thought and stopped doing research into depression! Fortunately for us, Terrence Watts concluded there was another way to help sufferers. In this meticulously written book, Terrence Watts shows a deep personal understanding, as he ‘takes on’ this complex illness. Speaking as he would in one of his excellent training classes, the author effortlessly guides both the sufferer and the therapist through the ‘mind-field’ of issues: explaining in easily achievable exercises, how to ‘take on’ and to help overcome this illness. ~ John Bailey, John Bailey, Hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and counsellor

If you – or anyone you care about – are experiencing depression, I urge you to read this extraordinary book. Written in friendly, no-nonsense language, Smashing Depression goes to the heart of the problem and offers clear and practical strategies for dealing with it. Essential reading for anyone struggling with depression – or anyone who cares about someone who is. Get it. Read it. Pass it on! ~ Peter Field, Hypnotherapist and Author of The Chi of Change

Having experienced depression some years ago without really knowing I was depressed until I got through it. A book like this would have been helpful as it explains depression and its effects. With the exercises to look at and shift your beliefs and behaviour patterns, it gives you the tools to help you move out of the dark and into the light. Though the book is aimed at depression I think it would also be useful when you find yourself stuck in a low mood or life is getting out of control, which could lead to depression. Using the tools can get you back on track creating healthy choices and changes before slipping further down. This book can help you to focus on creation and choice as opposed to reaction and limitation which can take away your power and limit choices. I now help clients with depression and would recommend this book as a useful tool to use between sessions. ~ Pete Bateman, Hampshire Hypnotherapy

Terence Watts
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