Psychosynthesis Made Easy

Psychosynthesis Made Easy

A psychospiritual psychology for today

Psychosynthesis is known as psychology with a soul. It works from the level of the ego to the Spirit.


Dr Roberto Assagiolis innovative work, which began in 1910, went beyond his contemporaries, Freud, Jung and Reich, to embrace wholeness on all levels. Psychosynthesis has become known as the psychology of the soul. Psychosynthesis aims to heighten awareness so that a dialogue can take place between the self (personality) and the Self. This awareness is expanded through visualization exercises, meditation and utilization of the will. Today psychosynthesis allows psychology, soul and spirituality to meet on mutual ground.


I found this well written and offered a clear and concise overview of psychosynthesis. Great for trainee practitioners to get to grips with the framework or anyone interested in what psychosynthesis has to offer. Anne ~ Anne,

Great easy snapshot of Psychosynthesis by Stephanie Sorréll. I have studied for 2 years and would recommend this almost as a brochure to what the process is about, fantastic job. ~ Lanny Franny,

This is a good straightforward introduction to Psychosynthesis, part of O Books' "Made Easy" series. Stephanie is well qualified to write this as she has an MA and is an Applied Practitioner in the art of Psychosynthesis Psychology from the London Institute of Psychosynthesis. We are told it is written for therapists to recommend to their clients, and as a first stage for those who would like to study the subject further. The book starts with a chapter on the psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli, who founded this branch of transpersonal psychology. The method uniquely places an emphasis on the combined aspects of the spiritual "Self" and the personality "self", how we recognise, accept, co-ordinate and integrate the many different aspects of ourselves, our sub-personalities, and then go through a process of "disidentification", which is central to psychosynthesis, learning to distance ourselves from circumstances that otherwise might overwhelm us. The whole process enables us to become more conscious and helps us to make more sense of the world and our place within it. The second chapter is also historical, taking us through the history of psychology, and how it has informed and influenced psychosynthesis, including behaviourism, work with the unconscious and the humanistic psychology (with its roots in shamanism) developed mainly by Maslow, with his pyramidal "hierarchy of needs." The next chapter then covers in some detail Assagioli's Egg Model of our different levels of Consciousness. Chapters then follow on Sub-personalities; Disidentification; The Power of Right Relations and Group work; our Will and the need for balance between the male and female qualities; the Use of Imagery (to activate our healing plans, central to psychosynthesis,and including the importance of empathy and compassion, becoming so prominent in current thinking); The Use of Symbols and Exercises; and the role that ecopsychology has to play in psychosynthesis. Finally Stephanie has a chapter devoted to a practical model of how a psychosynthesis counselling session might begin, progress, and, very importantly, end. This is what I most like about Stephanie's books, well demonstrated in this short and very readable little volume. There is a very real and practical thread running throughout the chapters, borne out of her own very personal experiences that speak to me and will no doubt resonate with those other readers who have not been immune from mental dis-ease. ~ eleanor |Stoneham,

" We highly recommend this easy to read primer on Psychosynthesis. A 'must' for anyone wanting an introduction  to a psychospiritual psychology,"

~ Joan and Roger Evans, Co-founders of the Institute of Psychosynthesis, London

I found the book Psychosynthesis Made Easy easier to read than I had feared. It gave me a good practical understanding of psychosynthesis and at the same time it went hand in hand with my spiritual understanding of human nature. It is easy to read, thought provoking and at the same time very human in its analysis of the experiences so many go through.

~ Astra Ferro, Healing Secretary of the White Eagle Lodge

Stephanie June Sorrell
Stephanie June Sorrell Stephanie's main passions are the psychospiritual dimension of life and the natural environment. She worked as editor for New Vision magazin...
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