Other-Centred Therapy

Other-Centred Therapy

Practical and innovative, Other-Centred therapy, presents a positive and outwardly orientated view of therapeutic process.


Practical, innovative and grounded in theory of Buddhist psychology, Other-Centred Therapy presents a positive and outwardly orientated view of therapeutic process which is unique, yet suited to the integration of both Eastern and Western methodologies. Caroline Brazier provides an introduction to this therapeutic approach which is founded on an understanding of human process that is both accessible and subtle, honouring of our place in an experiential world. Drawing on twenty years as a therapist and trainer, the book offers the reader not only a straightforward, jargon-free presentation, but also examples of the method in practice. Set out as a learning programme, this practical guide includes exercises and discussion points which will help the reader to integrate learning into their working style. This book will be of interest to student and practicing counsellors and psychotherapists, but will also provide plenty of material for the general reader. The structured presentation will make it an invaluable tool for trainers in these fields. A down to earth approach to good therapeutic practice, this book nevertheless critiques many of the popular assumptions of the profession and takes a fresh look at the important foundations of its work.


In stark contrast to the stereotypical Western therapist forever distracting the client from their stories about the world in order to ask “but how do you feel?”, the Other Centred therapist listens carefully to the stories themselves. Indeed, this book presents examples of client work in which the therapist asks the opposite question about a partner whose behaviour the client is complaining about: “but what was that like for him?”. ~ Sarah Luczaj, CounsellingResource.com

Other-Centred Therapy presents a positive and outwardly orientated view of the therapeutic process which is unique yet suited to the integration of both Eastern and Western methodologies. The book refines the work that Caroline and David Brazier have been doing over many years. It offers not only a straightforward, jargon-free presentation but also examples of the method in actual practice. Another commentator has said, it is esssential reading for anyone who hopes to provide enlightened guidance in the world of psychological suffering. ~ The Middle Way

Other-Centred Therapy explores profound themes in a refreshingly simple and direct way and it will greatly inspire both students and experienced therapists. The section on Identity is particularly stimulating, blending ideas from classical Buddhist teachings and Western psychology creatively and effectively, pointing the way towards a more open and grounded perspective based on wisdom and compassion. ~ Manu Bazzano, Zen monk, psychotherapist, and author of Buddha is Dead

Insightful, provocative, revealing. The concept of Other-centered Therapy has the potential to revolutionize the field of psychology, as we rethink how we can help those who are suffering. Other-centered therapy is essential reading for anyone who hopes to provide enlightened guidance in world of psychological suffering. A book where the paths of the spiritual and the psychological meet and merge into a holistic journey of the heart. ~ Gregg Krech, author of Naikan: gratitude, grace and the Japanese art of self-reflection and founder of Todo Institute

Caroline Brazier
Caroline Brazier Caroline Brazier is a Buddhist and a psychotherapist with a passion for the natural world. Leader of the Tariki Psychotherapy Training Progr...

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