Holistic Counseling - Introducing the Vis Dialogue

Holistic Counseling - Introducing the Vis Dialogue

Breakthrough Healing Method Uniting The Worlds of Mind-Body Medicine & Psychology

Holistic Counseling is a revolutionary form of counseling that helps the patient to discover their own healing, by connecting mind and body, to resolve even physical illness.


Holistic Counseling - Introducing "The Vis Dialogue" is about a cutting-edge, revolutionary new process of counseling that helps the practitioner connect the patient’s mind with their body to establish the real root cause of illness and disease. This technique helps to empower the patient to understand how their body is a reflection of their mind and how their illness also reflects that. This counseling technique alone has often been enough to heal incurable and protracted physical diseases without drugs, supplements, or any other form of remedy.


This book is an incredibly insightful, masterful and majestic piece of work. As a Naturopathic Physician, I have used /Holistic Counseling/ with amazing, life-changing results. I would highly recommend this book along with the Holistic Counseling training to anyone who has a true healer's desire to restore the sick to health. ~ Dr. Ron Matthias, ND

"In combining mind-body medicine and psychology, /Holistic Counseling/ offers much-needed practical tools and perspectives for physicians and patients alike, bringing the roots of natural healing to life. With this book, Dr. Moshe would make our founders proud and will make all naturopathic physicians, other health-care practitioners and their patients filled with gratitude as they use his guidance to support getting well, healing, and curing." ~ Dr. Paul Epstein, ND

"This book will create long overdue new and amazing paradigm shifts in the world of Holistic Medicine. His gentle, direct, yet subtle questioning produces the most profound aha moments imaginable. Bravo, Dr. Moshe!" ~ Gayle C. Russell, Life Coach

http://www.holistic-counseling.ca/testimonials-holistic-counseling.html ~ From Holistic Counseling the Course, Naturopathic doctors, students, nurses, counselors

Moshe Daniel Block
Moshe Daniel Block Like a Da Vinci of our times, Moshe Daniel Block (aka Dr. Moshe) is a Naturopathic doctor, Homeopath, Musician, Author, Inventor, and Hermet...
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