Stephanie June Sorrell
Stephanie June Sorrell

Stephanie's main passions are the psychospiritual dimension of life and the natural environment. She worked as editor for New Vision magazine for seven years and which she still writes for. Before that, she wrote for the commercial romance market in the 1980s, producing in the region of 400 confession stories for IPC and King's Reach Tower magazines. For ten years she wrote extensively for Prediction magazine, where subjects ranged between dowsing, astral projection, psychosynthesis, reincarnation and Earth Mysteries. Her book, Depression as a Spiritual Journey has largely emerged from her own experience with depression which has been instrumental in precipitating a lifelong search for the meaning and value of depression. Her need to find answers in the natural environment, patterns of being and insight became a working template for Nature as Mirror, an ecology of body, mind and Spirit. Here, she finds nature to be an open book from which we can all learn fom daily.

Books by Stephanie June Sorrell
Therapist's Cat, The by

Therapist's Cat, The

Jan 2012

A tale about  a psychotherapist and his cat who knows more about his clients and human evolution than he does.

Astral Projection Made Easy by

Astral Projection Made Easy

May 2012

Mans greatest fear is of death, this book helps to eliminate this fear.

Psychosynthesis Made Easy by

Psychosynthesis Made Easy

May 2011

Psychosynthesis is known as psychology with a soul. It works from the level of the ego to the Spirit.

Nature as Mirror by

Nature as Mirror

Feb 2011

Everything in life is an organic process. This work helps to reflect back to you where you are in your own process.

Depression as a Spiritual Journey by

Depression as a Spiritual Journey

Sep 2009

This the first book to address depression as a spiritual journey.It serves as an invitation to reframe depression in a new way.

Depression: Understanding the Black Dog  by

Depression: Understanding the Black Dog

Oct 2014

This accessible work addresses a universal health issue with a toolbag yielding the ways depression manifests and insight into the treatments available.


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